The Mayan Princess Unbound!


Ever since Biblo and Tannen placed a banner across the cover art of TARZAN AND THE CASTAWAYS to keep from shocking the public, fans have longed to see the famous Frazetta image properly displayed on their copies of the Canaveral Press dust-jacket. Now, after over 100 hours of research, careful study of more than 70 different Frazetta watercolors, and my usual painstaking production values, the Alternate Timeline™ version of TARZAN AND THE CASTAWAYS is available from Recoverings.

I’ve worked with ERB scholar Robert R. Barrett, a personal friend and collector of Frank Frazetta’s art, to color this drawing with the same palette and watercolor techniques that Frazetta himself might have used at that point in his career. Barrett had the final say on the artwork and he approves of this coloring. I believe this is how the dust-jacket would have looked if Canaveral had had the money to do it right in 1964. Dick Lupoff, editor for the Canaveral ERB books at the beginning of his career, wrote me after seeing it, “What a brilliant cover! Makes me want to read the book again, for the first time in fifty years! I feel as it Canaveral Press is being reborn, thanks to the wonderful jackets you’ve been creating.” This is a very limited edition, only 64 — for its actual publication year of 1964 — of these jackets will be available. Each will be individually printed, to order, on my Epson Stylus Pro 3880, with 8-color UltraChromeK3 archival inks on 47lb. Red River Premium Matte paper, to closely match the stock of the original. As with all the Alternate Timeline jackets, each one will be numbered and inscribed to the buyer. You can buy the jacket here: Don’t forget to click on the cover on the web site to see an enlarged detail of the art. I hope you’ll enjoy this jacket as much as I enjoyed working on it.

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