A Special Recognition

On Friday morning I opened my email to find the following:

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of The Burroughs Bibliophiles, it is my great pleasure to present you with our 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award. The Bibliophiles recognize your expertise and stellar ability in graphic arts which you have used to reconstruct and reproduce dust jackets, bookmarks, and art prints for numerous Edgar Rice Burroughs books. The incredible amount of work that was involved in reproducing the first edition dust jackets over the course of 20 years is staggering. The attention to detail from the pixel level up is almost incomprehensible to me, even with my 50+ years in graphic arts. So, it must seem to be akin to magic to the rest of our Burroughs community. Or maybe it is indeed magic—the magic of Phil Normand!
Phil, we thank you for your continuing interest in the unique worlds created by ERB. We are honored to have you as a member of our Bibliophiles family.
Joan Bledig,
Chairman of the Board of The Burroughs Bibliophiles
February 17, 2022

I am happy and honored to accept this award from the preeminent Edgar Rice Burroughs fan organization. Thank you very much.

12 thoughts on “A Special Recognition”

  1. Congratulations. This is a real honor that has been long deserved. Phil has always been a great friend and a real supporter of Burroughs.

    1. Thank you, Jess. I appreciate your support and your friendship. One reason I put up with Facebook is because I’ve met fine people like yourself.

  2. Congratulations! So many loving hours (frustrated days?) poured into those jackets. Happy to see your talent and hard work recognized. Good work!

    1. Thanks Jenny-Lynn. I know you understand the “long game” of taking on a project that you just can’t seem to get enough of. Loving hours and frustrated days are part of the deal, right?

  3. I cut my Sci-Fi teeth on Burroughs in the 60’s and it was a great day when I discovered Phil a while back. Realizing the time, effort and hard work he put in to recreate the art I fell in love with as a teenager, I definitely had to have a collection of Phil’s work. The research, attention to detail and quality of the art Phil produced is astounding and exceptional! His art is not only worthy of covering books but hangs on my walls as well. Great job Phil and a much deserved honor!

    1. Thank you very much Randall, and I hope to have a few more things for your walls (or your flat file) sometime this year.

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