Recoverings is on Vacation!

FROM JULY 1 THROUGH JULY 16 RECOVERINGS WILL BE ON VACATION. I’m leaving the site open so you can still order any of the dust-jackets and explore to your heart’s content, but I won’t be filling any orders until after July 16. I deeply appreciate your support of this project and hope that if you don’t want to order something now, you’ll come back in a couple of weeks and do so then.

BTW, I still call this a “project” because I’m committed to reconstructing all the Edgar Rice Burroughs first edition dust-jackets in the finest reproductions possible, using the original art when available and rescanning and recreating the collateral art—photos of ERB, promotional artwork, etc.—in high-resolution images to make them outshine the original jackets for a new century. Once that’s done, I’m hoping that the jackets will be seen in their best light, the cover art shown in its correct and most accurate context as more than just ephemera related to ERB, but as important pieces of art inextricable from the books-as-objects themselves.

Again, thanks for your support of Recoverings and I’ll see you in two weeks!