These are the dust jackets for the Edgar Rice Burroughs stand-alone novels produced by A.C. McClurg & Company from 1921 to 1929, along with the Macaulay Company "Girl" from 1923. Cover art by J. Allen St. John except where noted.

Go HERE for the remaining Non-series books published after 1929 by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

Billy Byrne, the Mucker, confronts three samurai warriors

The Mucker: 1921.ooooooo $20.00

“Only a camera man and myself are here,” he said.

The Girl from Hollywood: 1923. Cover by P.J. Monahan. $20.00

Prehistoric beasts fight one another in the lost island of Caspak

The Land That Time Forgot: 1924. $20.00

Nadara the cave girl saves Waldo's life

The Cave Girl: 1925. ooooo $20.00

A cowboy holding a black mask

The Bandit of Hell's Bend: 1925. Cover by Modest Stein. $20.00

A primitive man fights with a sabre-tooth tiger

The Eternal Lover: 1925. ooo $20.00

The Moon Maid riding a centaur-like creature

The Moon Maid: 1926. oooo $20.00

A man rides a horse up from a valley

The Mad King: 1926. ooooo $20.00

Two knights do battle while a maiden on horseback watches

The Outlaw of Torn: 1927. oooo $20.00

An indian draws his bow

The War Chief: 1927. oooooo Cover by Paul Stahr. $20.00

A hideous monster carries an unconscious woman

The Monster Men: 1929. oo $20.00

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